What Is Express Employment?

Express Employment is a staffing company that provides temporary, part-time, and full-time employment to people looking for a job. The company has over 750 franchise locations throughout the United States and employs people in a variety of positions for businesses. They offer positions in various industries, including professional, administrative, and commercial. Express Employment Professionals is … Read more

Self Employment Tax and Its Exceptions

A self employment tax is a tax on the net earnings of self-employed individuals. It is composed of Social Security and Medicare taxes as well as a portion of the earnings you earn from self-employment. There are some exceptions to the self employment tax. Here are some of these exceptions. You can use a free … Read more

Types of Self-Employment

There are many benefits to self-employment. First of all, self-employment allows you to set your own working hours and schedule. You can enjoy the benefits of free time and indulge in your hobbies without worrying about the demands of an employer. Second, self-employment allows you to try out different industries without committing yourself to one. … Read more